I’ve got to tell you 2016 has been my worst year and I made it become my best year yet
and I will tell you HOW specifically YOU can do the same.
You already know about “smart” goals, new year resolutions, believes change and NLP fat and sick trainers 😉
and you are always the same lazy bum suffering from impostor syndrome…

so I will not talk you about that 😉

First of all in June 2016 I found myself with my mother bedridden
and I (with some very expensive helpers) had to take care of her.
So suddenly my life was becoming very “restricted”
and so I found myself almost always “stuck” at home.
And here started something that totally changed (once again) my life!
And I designed every single day like my own ideal “vacation day”

WARNING: when you’ll see my routine it might not fit your own definition of “holy-day” 😉

But let’s go back in time a little bit.

I’ve always been a nerd and I’ve always loved to read and study.
So my first major life change has been when I learned to read, man was I “voracious”.
I still remember the happiest day of my life when my dad came home with a sac full of comics.

Nobody could see me and speak to my for days.

But the real major change came when I discovered self help books
and especially the day I’ve decided to become one who PRACTICE what he reads.
I did not want to become the virgin who teaches seduction (you must know some of them 🙂 )
I did not want to be the fat kid who sits at home teaching others

and so I became a “doer”

Oh but many years later I discovered I could become so much more…
I could become one that constantly practice every day with 100% success
yes you read it right:
practice what?
we’ll come to it in a moment
In the last 5 months I’ve STUDIED DEEPLY (mind maps, mp3s summaries, practices) 58 BOOKS
for the last 123 days (without missing a single day) I’ve exercised, I’ve done at least three drills a day (NLP, relaxation…) and hatha yoga
meditation was already a part of my life never missed a day in the last 30 years

and so on many habits

Are you interested in my current daily routine?


So here is my current daily routine 
(it is refined EVERY WEEK with EXPERIMENTS

and a monthly “theme”!)


at least 1 HOURS (usually 2) of READING
I meditate for 10 minutes
I clean my tongue with a copper scraper
I drink 1 liter of water
Every morning I do a different “detox”: carbon, zeolite, water and lemon, clorella, NAC…
I do 3 taoist tonic herbs tea a day
Breakfast with full fat yogurth, oatmeal, fruits and other superfoods (you can seed the list here with a translator www.migliorati.org/supercibi ) + vitamins (I always vary them www.migliorati.org/integratori ) in the meanwhile I listen to stand up comedians’ videos
I do 1 drill: NLP, EFT o other
yeah really, I sit down with pen and paper and for at least 1 minut (MINIhabit remember 😉 ) I simply THINK! How many of you do that?
I WRITE: mindmaps, my current book or I record audiocourses
I massage my gonads (yeah really, you should do too if you are a man! just to remind you that you have them 😉 )
I do Donna Eden’s daily energy routine
I EXERCISE with a podcast in the background 
I do 3m mindfulness dril with the Muse Headband

I do Hatha yoga with in the background  videos dowloaded from various YouTube channels I subscribed with 4K video downloader), yoga nidra and pranayama (bhastrika and nadi shodhana)


During the day
I do various LISTENING DRILLS (that is my weak point)  I LISTEN CALM, PRESENT and with ATTENTION.
I do repeat 1-3 words
and I ask one strategic question

(that is one of my “social minhabit” esperiments)

I do eat every day (at least)
1 fruit 
1 vegetale portion

of course you can have all the BONUSES you want

And you will ask: don’t you “work”?
Well… I’m very efficient in my work 😉
I’ve applied many principles and so I can make +10k a month just with one of my 2 businesses
So THIS is actually MY “work” 😉

I’m a professional student… and guinea pig 😉

Evening Routine
Taoist tonic herbs tea+ 1gr omega 3

I go to bed around 23.00


I meditate for 10 minutes

I read a little bit

Want to know how I did it?

I all started with Superhuman by habits by Tynan (Herbal of the PUA world), then I found Stephen Guise’s MiniHabits… fantastic stuff!

Here are the Rules of the Game
0. Only do what you kind of like and want to do for the REST of your LIFE (I do run 1 week test with a monthly “theme”)
1. Make the habit super EASY, ridiculous, I mean: Do ONE pushup, drink a glass of water (that is how I started BTW), read two pages, write one paragraph
Important note: NEVER EVER make them “bigger” (even in you mind) the mini is always SUCCESS
2. You are of course encouraged to do more i.e. BONUS REPS!
4. TRACK THEM I track my dailies with Habitica (it’s free) but you can use whatever you want pen and paper and boxes are ok (as long as you FILL them, don’t just put a cross… science is very precise 😉
BTW I haven’t told you yet, but this method is SCIENTIFICALLY BASED.

5. Celebrate EVERY LITTLE success with a happy dance or a hug, little every day is so much better than nothing!

As you might have guessed from my presentation
I’m super busy so I can NOT help anybody privately,
(even if they pay large sum of money!)
BUT if you post a thread that you need help with
just PM me and I will do my best to reply in the thread

or just post the question on my blog

on this page you will find this full presentation IN COLOR 😉
subscribe to the email list and I will sell you emails to the FBI (kidding ;-))

BTW Chris Voss lead hostage negotiator book Never split the difference is full of drills, Olivia Fox Cabane Charisma myth is even better and should be done before the Voss’. Fantastic stuff!


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