This morning I woke up with “instructions” from the Papa Smurf to give the english speaking world my LH Loving Hug basic process.
Since I have zero intention to expand my business to the english world since it goes so well in my native language
you are free to use it for yourself and in coaching and teach it.

It is release in Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives that basically means: quote “Uncle Hack” as the author and check with me if you make modification to this formula before teaching them (I’m totally in for group work to improve it, but I’ve also seen many ideas that might destroy the process totally)

This is just ONE SMALL PIECE of the WHOLE TECHNOLOGY, basically I “received” / conceived the all thing for 15 days straight in a mix of my intuition, knowledge and intelligence and it came with preframes, a lot of drills, “expansions” and so on. It “stacks” with many technologies I know!
The most powerful therapeutic technology I know so far is hypnotherapy with regression to cause derived from Dave Elman work as thought by Gerald F. Kein (R.I.P) and many others, as far as I know there as never been a way to do it in a self guided process (i.e. regressive self hypnosis).
Of course it has many foundations: NLP, parts therapy (and even before NLP on 1926 Roberto Assaggioli’s psychosintesis as quoted in the first NLP book!), a drill from Frederick Dodson and much more it is too complex for my to track where my mind “mixed it all up” from the tons of material I study and practice to come up with this!
Try it and feel free to heal yourself and others, ASFAIK there is nothing even close in the world, but I don’t know everything there is 😉


Try it and feel free to heal yourself and others, ASFAIK there is nothing even close in the world, but I don’t know everything there is 😉
LH Basic Process
  1. start with situation / thought / feeling / energy you want to change
  2. find the part of yourself / your mind that generates it / responsible for it
  3. Feel the unconditional love inside yourself (the best you can, you can borrow it from a concept of cosmic loving mother if it fits your belief system, whatever works for you)
  4. hug and love that part (like a mother / father loving a little son / daughter who accepts them just as they are)
  5. speak to / comfort the part: “It is all right, You are Safe, I love you, You are special / important to me, I love you exactly as you are
  6. bring the part to your heart where it’s more loved and cherished
  7. let the part evolve naturally: “Grow in this love”
  8. continue to love and cherish the part in the heart while it evolves
  9. while you go and start the process 1-8 again (at least a couple of times): finding the part / situation / thought / feeling / energy behind that one, accepting it and integrating it
  10. let this parts in your heart mingle, communicate, evolve and lovingly play together like a kindergarten
  11. they might get together and become one or not
  12. let the game go on until there is ONLY LOVE inside of you
So the important theoretical aspects are:
  1. it’s a form of meditation, listen to your internal world, notice the aspects / person that populate it
  2. the more you “feel” the love (in whatever form you can handle even forgiveness or acceptance is better than nothing) the better
  3. CM Conscious Mind cannot handle SCM SubConscious Mind’s material all at once, that is why we “divide” in the beginning of the process
  4. there is more than a triple dissociation so no need for an induction
  5. Finally the most important part the END has to be a TOTAL INTEGRATION, basically, you, the loving part, the parts all merge that is very important!
  6. So it does NOT induce DP Dissociative Personalities as someone with too much studying might hint
  7. It doesn’t have to be “perfect” to work
  8. Just use it and see how it works for yourself
  9. If I doesn’t work for you do not discount it, just know that there is a “preparatory” one hour process to make sure it works for anybody fixing all the issues that might hinder the process

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