The Beautiful Stephanie

In 2015 I filmed a 3 Skype NeuroCoaching sessions with the beautiful figure model Stephanie on the topics of love and abuse to show the main techniques I use.

“Really good and interesting coaching sessions,
I learned a lot from it”
Miguel (Italy)

What is NeuroCoaching?

For NeuroCoaching I mean the direct “hacking” / change of the subconscious mind of the client

How is NeuroCoaching different from Coaching?

Coaching deals with the conscious / rational mind, NeuroCoaching reprograms the subconscious / emotional / automatic programs mind.

The first one is very limited, NeuroCoaching has infinite possibilities

How can I do a session with you?

I normally do NOT do “direct coaching” (except a rare occasions with hot models) I train people that do it for me because my time is too precious to take care of people one by one.

You can schedule a session with a NeuroCoach trained by me if you want,
please contact me if you are interested in it.


In these videos you will see with your own eye how you can easily to help anybody with super powerful techniques taken from NLP, Hypnosis and Energy Psychology.

These videos explain my system and the 6 techniques I use most.
3 video of more than 170 minutes of specialized Neurocoaching.

Stephanie is a normal girl that was having some emotional issues and she asked my help.
In these videos you will find mosto of my methodology and the most important techniques I have created or I use.

The main abilities I use are NLP and calibration skills

Techniques used are divided in 2 main categories:

GNC = General Negativity Clearing

  • The Gift to the Inner Child
  • Museum of Learned Memories
  • Grey Room

And some

SNC = Specific Negativity Clearing

  • Wave breath
  • Elman for phobias
  • Auditory swish
  • Karma Clearing
  • DSR + and –
  • ST = SuperTapping (aka EFT2015)
  • LH = Loving Hug

IF you want to know the best practices to make powerful Neurocoaching
IF you want to know the most powerful techniques that exist in the world
IF you want to be able to help the people that you love
(or also to help your customers)
IF you want the best that currently exists in the world
This videos may be for you 😉

All the Neurocoaching that I make is PRAGMATICALLY (not scientifically) based
100% techniques that work!



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6 Responses to “Videos of 3 Skype Neurocoaching Hypnosis NLP Sessions”

  1. Jack

    Hi everyone! I knew UncleHack since 2012 and his teaching literally changed my life!
    Also thanks to his techniques, I’ve transformed myself from a lazy student into a motivated one getting my degree in less than two years.
    I’m currently living in Switzerland to enhance my skills.
    I definitely recommend him to everyone who wants get over their limit, becoming the captains of their life.
    All the best for you,

  2. Gianpaolo

    Uncle Hack is a great and awesome teacher. He is an extraordinary coach and a fantastic man. Reader, If you are reading this blog and you don’t buy the Uncle Hack’s products, you are making a big mistake. Those products can change your life, and the life of your family, for ever.

  3. Angelo

    Since January 2016, I follow the Hack uncle, all of GNP and HNA various courses I purchased I liked and I have been very helpful, also with CA0 relaxation, CA1, CA2 I feel much more in harmony with myself and with the others.

    Thank you so much

  4. Cesco

    I’ve known uncle Hack thanks to his Italian site.
    I like his style, he is the perfect balance between a smart engineer and an amusing artist.
    The skill I prefer, it’s his capability to study, skims and summaries the cutting edge techniques from all around the world, (probably even from some unkown parallel universe… 😉 )
    Moreover, he is an inspired innovator.
    So you can skip all the boring theory and dive into efficient daily practices.
    In the end I’m a satisfied client, it’s easy for me to recommend his products and services.

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